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Year 6

Bikeability Cycle Training

(Provided by Pedal Power Training Ltd)


Dear Parent or Guardian  

Bikeability cycle training is offered to all primary/junior schools. Training follows the National Standard and helps give children the skills and experience they need to cycle safely and confidently. Cycling is not only fun but can be a great way of keeping physically fit, it can be beneficial to our wellbeing, develop confidence and help us to become more independent.   


Bikeability has three levels of training: - Level 1, Level 2 & Level 3


When will the training take place:

The training will take place in your child's school during the week beginning; - Tuesday 4th January 2022



There are a limited number of places available, so please use the link below to book your child on to their school's course. 

If you do not wish your child to take part, please do NOT complete the link.

The closing date for booking your child's place on the course will be Sunday 28th November 2021.

It is important that you complete the booking & consent before this date, so that we are able to plan courses and ensure the required resources will be available.

Bookings will not be accepted after this date. 

Please submit one response per child.


To book your child's place click here



What your child will need for each training session

If you would like your child to take part in the cycle training but they have not got a bicycle and/or helmet, it may be possible to borrow these from Pedal Power Training. To borrow a bike and or helmet, please indicate on the booking form above. The minimum seat height of Pedal Power bikes is 750mm.


  • A bike which is roadworthy and the correct size for them - a bike check will be carried out on the day 1 and any bike which is not roadworthy will have to be fixed for your child to continue on the course (or a loan bike can be used). A roadworthy bike must have the following as a minimum – 2 fully inflated tyres, with good tread, 2 working brakes, secure handlebars, with correctly fitting secure grips. Saddle must be secure.

  • A cycle helmet - this needs to be the right size and a good fit 

  • Weather appropriate clothing including gloves (sessions are between 1 and 2 hours and are outside).  

  • Some wet weather clothing e.g. a minimum of a shower or waterproof jacket, preferably some over-trousers too.  The training will continue in light to moderate rain but will be suspended if there is a heavy downpour. Please ensure suncream is applied in hot weather.

  • A High Visibility Jacket/Tabard/Vest


All sessions will run during school hours and your child will be notified of their session start time by the school prior to the course.


Level 1 & Level 2 Training

Level 1 – training develops cycle handling skills in traffic-free environments

Level 2 – training develops skills for cycling on single-lane roads with simple junctions and moderate traffic

The first session will be Level 1 training only and will take place in the school playground. In this session riders will also be taught how to carry out a bike check and adjust their helmet and clothing.  Cycle skills will be taught through fun activities.  Riders will be assessed throughout the training session and the instructor will determine if the rider has the required control/skills to progress to Level 2 on road training.   If they are not able to progress to Level 2 training, they will be told which skills need to be practised in preparation for the next available Level 2 course.


Level 1 - please allow your child to watch this short video.   Bike handling skills will be covered at the end of the video.


Level 2 - Please allow your child to watch this short video on Level 2.  Activities instructed will be covered at the end of the video.


Level 3 Training

Level 3 – training develops skills for cycling on complex, busy or fast roads and junctions sometimes with heavy traffic

Level 3 training is offered through secondary schools.


The link below shows a short video on Level 3.


Please visit the Bikeability website for more course related information.



All cycle training will be delivered in line with current Covid-19 government guidance for schools. 


We look forward to seeing your child on their course.



Kind regards
Nikki Hill


Pedal Power Training Ltd, part of The Hampshire Schools Cycling Partnership
Tel: 02392 290474

Welcome To Year 6

We are so impressed with how the children have settled into their final year at Portsdown! 

Please be advised that drop off time is 8.45am using the Year 6 end gate and collection time is at 3pm using the same entrance. 


If you need to speak to a class teacher please email us using the below addresses and we will reply as soon as we can.


Sailing trip 

Mrs King's class Monday 20th September 

Miss Gibson's Tuesday 21st September 


Each child will need to bring: swimwear, towel, spare pair of shoes to wear in the water, drinks, suncream and a packed lunch. 

The indemnity forms are now all completed online and must be completed for your child to attend. 


.Please  follow the instructions to make this process as smooth as possible:

Click the link and select “Add Guest”
Select the ONE correct date your child is due to attend
Add guest information
Click “fill out document” straight away (you will not be able to reaccess this link) and click for a “minor”
Once the form is started you cannot edit it so please complete in one go




Wednesday is PE day 

We are asking that PE kits come in and stay in school for the half term please. 

PE kit is plain shorts, white top, trainers or plimsolls and your own supply of micropore tape for ear studs.

You may wish to also include a black or grey plain tracksuit for when the weather turns colder.


Year 6 Year Overview