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Year 6

Year 6 Festival of Fun!

We are all very excited to be offering the opportunity for year 6 to attend our ‘Festival of Fun’!


Wednesday 3rd July

Thursday 4th July

Friday 5th July


8.45am - School starts at normal time but we will be spending the day setting up camp and other festival based activities.  

All pupils will need their normal lunch for school.


All children go home at 3pm



7am - Breakfast

8.45am – Leave to visit Hundred Acre Woods

12pm – lunch

1pm – Sport activities

3pm – Film



7am- Breakfast

7.30am – To pack up camp

8.45am – Water sports centre

12pm – lunch

3pm – Return home

All children to stay until BBQ has finished

Please note all children who have camped will need to be collected as they will have equipment to be taken home.


If camping – children to return at 6.30pm

7pm – Talent show

8pm – Snack and hot chocolate


5pm – BBQ

7pm – children who are not camping to be collected.



We understand that not all children will want to camp so it is completely optional but we would like to encourage as many children as possible to attend. If your child does not want to camp, then they are still invited to join in all activities from 7am (breakfast) until the time as stated above.


What you will need for the day activities


  • Comfortable clothing that is suitable for den building and team games
  • trainers
  • hat
  • sun-cream (hopefully)
  • water bottle


  • Towel
  • spare water suitable shoes (Decathlon sell very cheap suitable footwear)
  • hat
  • sun-cream
  • Swimwear

Thursday breakfast, lunch and dinner will be provided for all children and on Friday, children will be provided with breakfast and lunch.


What you will need if you are camping

  • Tent – you can share with friends but we advise that tents must not be larger than 4 man
  • sleeping bag – no duvets please
  • A sleeping mat can be used but no airbeds
  • Warm comfortable clothing
  • Optional items are: a torch, book, small travel games
  • Towel and wash items


Items that are not permitted are:

  • Electronic devices including mobile phones
  • Food and sweets.        We will have a lots of snacks and treats available


Please speak to any of the Year 6 staff if you have any questions. 

We would like to remind all children that attendance to any of above activities is completely reliant of their behaviour. 



WW1 themed similes and metaphors by Year 6

Mist filled the air like a blanket of death as the soldiers marched across the field.

The Germans are sacrificing shields.

The bombs, as loud as thunder, made the soldiers deaf, as they were begging for freedom.

The clap-traps protruded from the ground, as the soldiers sprinted through the battleground like outraged yeti’s.

The rocks were like daggers scrapping the bottom of the swollen feet of the brave soldiers.

The soldiers are tamed beasts commanded by their general.

Bullets as hasty as an aggressive bee targeting their intruder.

The guns were a volcano erupting on a summer’s day.

As deadly as a shot to the heart, the gas flew over the soldiers’ heads and they knew they were in for a slice of death.

Trees stood in sludge like burnt cigarettes, as the soldier trudged towards the Germans.

Bullets screamed over the soldiers’ heads like birds soaring through the sky on a clear summer’s day.

Toxic gas spread over the soot-grey sky like butter on hot toast.


Welcome To Year 6


                                  Miss Dewing      Miss Wells       Mrs King

                          Miss Kerr      Mrs Bickel         Ms O'Brien   Mrs Robinson


Important Diary Dates!

Friday 14th October - Heart beat- Children will be given the opportunity to look at and explore a heart in detail. Please ask you child to explain the heart's job and why it is important. 


Tuesday 2nd October - Visit to the Mary Rose Museum - We will be finding out why the Tudor period is so important to Portsmouth. 



Science - Exploring the heart in science.

Science - Exploring the heart in science.  1
Science - Exploring the heart in science.  2
Science - Exploring the heart in science.  3
Science - Exploring the heart in science.  4

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