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Year 5

          Welcome to Year 5



5LH - Miss Humphreys  5CK - Mrs Knight



       Teaching Assistants


Mrs Child,Miss Rose,Mrs Dine and Mrs Hickley




Just a quick note to say....


We can’t believe this is the last term with the children in Year 5!

 In Summer 2 we will be working extra hard to ensure we consolidate everything we have learnt already and prepare for the transition into Year 6. 


Children will still need to ensure P.E kits are in school on Tuesdays this term.



In English this half term, we will we will be taking inspiration from the book Flotsam. We will be creating setting descriptions and writing a narrative to go with this wonderful picture book.





An unusual pair of suitcases arrived in our classroom.

Where did they come from?

Who did they belong to?

What was inside?

We explored the items in the suitcase to create a portal story.






We got up and personal with items from the ocean.








Year 5 explored flotsam and used their knowledge of what they found to discuss who they may have belonged to.











As mathematicians this half term, we will be focusing on developing our understanding of fractions, decimals and percentages. We will use our understanding of these to answer two and three step problems.





We are still practicing our times tables and expect children to be logging on to Times Table Rock Stars to improve their recall speeds.








19TH JUNE 2019 




Image result for geography learning picture


This half term, we will be learning about rivers and mountains. We will be discovering fascinating facts about the water cycle and using this knowledge to create our own models of this process.



At last, the day has arrived for the teams to go head to head in a healthy sports competition.

The sun was out, the children were beaming and the teachers were excited.


Bean bag and hoops


Quoit Throw   


Basket ball


Target Throw (basket ball)


Circuit run


Ladder Game


Target Throw

All of the children worked very hard today in the heat. The teamwork was amazing. 


Who will be our champions??? 

Off Site Activities 





Year 5 traveled down to The Andrew Simpson Water Sport Centre. It was a beautiful sunny day and everyone was excited to be having fun in the sun (and glad there was no school work, lol). 




After getting into our wet suits and life jackets - which looked very attractive - our first task was to work as a team to build a raft suitable for at least 8 people.


The groups used their skills and knowledge to create a safe and strong design suitable for sea trials.








As the children approached the sea, some were super excited and some were nervous. However everyone got into the raft and supported each other as we rowed out to sea.






After what we thought was a never ending row we finally made it out to the middle of the sea and the children's determination was amazing. Despite the rocky start for our less confident swimmers, all of the children jumped into the sea and faced their fears.


As teachers we were so proud of the amazing support and encouragement from our confident swimmers and the courage of our non-swimmers.




Unfortunately, after all that, we had to row all the way back. Thank goodness the children were still in good spirits.



After a well earn't lunch the children sprung back into action and went paddle boarding beaming with confidence. 



Finally we finished of the day with a gentle Kayak.







What an Amazing day!










The final full week of school is arts week!!!!

The children have collected, plastic bags and bottle tops throughout the term in order to create a collection of master pieces. 


Thank you to all the parents, friends, family and Lush for your kind donations. Without your support we would not have been able to make this amazing event happen.

Thank you.


The first job was for all the lids to be sorted into their colours. 













We held a competition for the overall design of our mural which included all the aspects of our learning around pollution. However, all the children done an amazing job and it was very hard to choose. We based our design by picking certain elements from each entry. Every child was given the opportunity to contribute to the mural and the final piece will be displayed on Friday for all to admire.







Continuing with our theme, the children learnt how to weave and created some amazing wall hangings made out of cardboard, string and recycled plastic bags.








previously, we have been looking at the life cycle of a plant. We dissected a plant to look at it's individual parts under a microscope before creating images to support our learning  









Previous Work








5CK got their 'head in the game' in preparation for the big sports day events to come. 














Year 5 were getting down with the groove and busting the moves on the dance floor with Humphreys Hip Hop class.











The children have been employed by Dine's Diner to create some tasty recipes. 

Each chef catered for 60 customers and the results were mmmmmmmmm.

Summer Melon Medley Kebab



Mini afternoon tea (Savory and Sweet treat)





Sweet treat