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Year 5

Hi All,


We are all so pleased to be starting a new year at school in Portsdown. We are all very much looking forward to the fabulous learning and fun we will have this year. 


Our P.E day in Year 5 is a Wednesday and the children will be starting with some classic games which will lead onto dance in Autumn 2.



In 5LH we have Miss Humphreys, Miss Simpson and Mrs Crisp.

In 5LH we have Mrs Knight, Mrs O'Brien and Miss Blades.


We look forward to the year ahead.

New Home Learning!


Hi Year 5, 

Well done - you've made it to the final week of home learning and the last week of Year 5! We are so proud of how resilient and hard working you have been throughout this strange time! You should be very proud of yourselves! There are only 3 sessions on each document as Wednesday 22nd is the last day of term! I have included some fun activities seeing as it's our final week (there is a prize up for grabs on the English sheet)! I hope you enjoy the tasks - feel free to email us your work! 


We hope you enjoy the summer holidays and we look forward to seeing you soon.

Stay safe, have fun and take care. 


Year 5 team

NEW Home Learning!


Hey all :) Another week of some fantastic work. Please keep sending what you have been doing at home as we love seeing what you are all up to and celebrating your work! We have set you a description challenge this week so please email them to us so we can create a display of your work at school.


The home learning again this week is split into a separate maths folder and English/afternoon folder. All the links you need are on the documents below, which all have fantastic teacher directed learning.


Keep safe and have a great week!!


Year 5 team.

NEW Home learning!

We hope  you have all had a good week at home and enjoyed VE Day last week. Did any of you celebrate at home? We would love to see some pictures of what you did- please email them to us and with your permission and we will put some on the website. Also please keep updating us on the wonderful work you are doing at home.


Thanks for the emails of your work this week, it puts a smile of our faces to see you all working so hard at home. Parents- its been great to hear from you too and we thank you for all you are doing at home in these hard times.


The maths is in a separate pack this week as there are lots of representations for decimals and fractions to help you with you learning. There are some great learning videos on Whiterose about the activities set this week. See Link. select year 5 and week 1. All videos match the learning for the week:) 


Stay Safe. We miss you all.


Year 5 team.

New Home Learning!


Hi Everyone. Thankyou all so much for the emails of work we have received its great to see you all working so hard. We would love to see more so please don't hesitate to email us.


If you have any questions, queries or struggling to open any documents please let us know by email. Any documents referred to in the home learning pack are located underneath it on the webpage.


We hope you enjoy this weeks work doing some of your own research about the Greek Gods in order to create your own next week. I wonder what powers some of you would have?


Take care and stay safe.

Fantastic Olympic research by Alesha - Rose :)
Marvellous maths work from Roan :)

Excellent VE day project by Edward. Check it out!



The Year 5 team send you all a big hello and a massive we miss you all. 

The homelearning has been updated with maths, english and history daily tasks for the next week.

Please send us some pictures or work that you have been doing at home for us to share on the website. Its fantastic to see you all working so hard!


Look forward to your emails and thanks for the emails we have received and all your hard work at home :)


NEW! Home learning below 

 The Minotaur Description


Waiting silently, in the darkness, is the Minotaur. Its lava-like eyes glow red in the dark as it searches the passages ahead for movement. Standing enveloped by the shadows, its fingers are tightly clutching a mighty axe; its chest rises and falls sending spirals of fiery breath into the Labyrinth. His deafening roar begins to echo through the crumbling walls as the vicious monstrosity grows weary of waiting. His hoof-like feet fiercely pound the dusty floor, revealing a carpet of bones clinically stacked around his throne, almost like a shine to his menacing nature. Suddenly, his deformed ears recognised the familiar shriek of the bolt being released and the last pleads for life from his new guests. Swiftly, he moves his slender frame further backwards into the shadowy crevices of the labyrinth, fixating his eyes on the corner ahead.  

King Midas and golden wish story






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