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Year 5





Just a quick note to say....



Children will need to ensure P.E kits are in school on Tuesdays and Fridays this term.



There are two parts to the homework in year 5 that children need to do every week:

1. Spellings: Children will be given spellings to practise each week. These are then tested on a Friday. 

2. Reading: It is essential that children read regularly at home. We will be providing children with library books to bring home and share.

3. Times Tables: Children will be given a log on to Times Table Rock Stars so that they can practise online at home. We can’t wait to see their recall speeds go through the roof!


In addition children are asked to create a project to share with the class based on Anglo Saxons or Vikings. This can be presented in a way of your choice such as a scrap book, model, game or Power Point. If you require any materials to complete this then please let us know. We would like to invite you to attend our End of Term celebration workshop on the 24th October to share the children’s learning.













This half term in English, we will be reading “Beowulf “ written by Michael Morpurgo.

We will look at how we can use vivid language and varied sentence types in our writing to write a Kennings poem and a character description.


We will also be writing our very own narrative based on the book “The Viking’s Revenge” by Benjamin Hulme-Cross 












This half term in Maths, we will be focusing on number and place value. This will include what each digit in a number is worth, comparing and ordering numbers as well as rounding to 10, 100 and 1000.


After this we will extend our knowledge of addition and subtraction.






Welcome Rock stars!

You have all been given your user names. Now let the battles commence. 



Battle 3

Starting Monday 21st October 2019

And the winners are..........






Battle 2

Starting Friday 4th October 2019


And the winners are..........






Battle 1

Friday 27th September 2019



And the winners are..........






Details below of how to log on.








This half term, our exciting topic will be The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings in Great Britain.  


We will be looking at reasons for the invasion of Britain by the Saxons and exploring the evidence to examine the Saxon and Viking way of life.


We are excited to be bringing these topics to life with a visit to the Sustainability Centre and a drama workshop in school. More details to follow.










Today year 5 was quiet as a mouse,
We had gone for an adventure to an Anglo-Saxon House

We learnt about domestic living, 
And we're show weapons and armor which was very interesting.



We were given willow and taught how to weave.
But soon it was lunchtime, so, it was time to leave.

After, we searched the ancient land, 
for herbal medicines to use first hand.
We grind seeds into flour for bread, 
and saw how hard it was for the tribe to get fed.

We explored pottery that archaeologist had found, 
which was excavated from the forest ground.

We created our own unique pot out of clay, 
but sadly came the end of the day.

So back to school as quick as can be 
I wonder where our next adventure will be? 







In Computing this half term we are web developers and we will be creating a web page about cyber safety.