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NEW! Home Learning - Week beginning: 29th June 2020


Hi everyone, below is this weeks home learning activities.

Each day is on a different document clearly labelled below and any other resources such a PowerPoints are also linked below. There is also a document with the weeks learning on which is easiest for printing! For previous weeks home learning please see the links below.


If for any reason, you can not access the home learning or have any questions, concerns or queries please contact your child's teacher. Our email addresses are below, please scroll down. You can also send photos or work or other learning activities to us too, which we LOVE to see! 


Learning Booklets - Differentiated

New! eBooks

Our school believes reading good books is important and we want to let you
know about an exciting development. As well as the many excellent
books available to enjoy from school, your child will now be be offered access
to a library of eBooks and eAudio books as well. 


Miss Hall and Miss Thomas will marvellous me the logins to you.

If you need to get in contact with your child’s teacher regarding the home learning, whether that be to ask a question or for clarity, please contact us via our work emails: 


We will update this section with online learning websites or more home learning activities in the event of closing for a longer period of time. 

Thank you for your cooperation in this difficult time, from the Year 3 team. 

60 day challenge!

60 day challenge! 1
60 day challenge! 2

Online access whilst learning from home

Online access whilst learning from home 1
Online access whilst learning from home 2

Witch and Wizard Week

Witch and Wizard Week 1
Witch and Wizard Week 2
Witch and Wizard Week 3
Witch and Wizard Week 4
Witch and Wizard Week 5
Witch and Wizard Week 6
Witch and Wizard Week 7
Witch and Wizard Week 8
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World Book Day 2020

World Book Day 2020 1
World Book Day 2020 2

Welcome to 3MH's and 3CT's year 3 page. 



Spelling and times tables are practised daily.
PE is on Tuesday afternoons.

Homework is always due in a week after handout.


 Please can 3MH and 3CT have cardboard packaging, bottle lids, straws, plastic wrappers or anything recyclable for our PSHE collages.



Swimming: 1 hour sessions x 5

3CT swimming dates - 26th Feb 2020 - 25th March 2020


Dates for your diary: 

6th March 2020 - Book day reading with your child at 2:40pm




Spring 2

During Spring 2 we have some great things to look forward to... 




This half term in English we will be learning about how we can extend our writing using different features including conjunctions, paragraphs around a theme and focusing on prefixes and suffixes. We will be reading the Worst Witch book and other related stories and non-fiction texts (e.g: Harry Potter)




As mathematicians this half term, we will be learning how to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes and we will build on our knowledge of adding and subtracting with exchanging 1s and 10s.

We will be continuing to learn our 3s, 4s and 8s times tables.




As geographers this half term we will be learning about the Italy and will be using an atlas and an online digi map to plan our route there. We will be focusing on features of an atlas and what it tells us about an area or country.  



As scientists this half term, we will be comparing rocks on their physical properties and will describe how fossils are formed. Recognise that soils are made from rocks and organic matter.



In PSHE this half term we will be discussing anti-bullying and how we can prevent bullying from happening. We are also going to look at our marine wildlife and how it is affected by plastic pollution and other waste. As a class we are going to come up with ideas and strategies we can promote in our communities to raise awareness.


 Please can 3MH and 3CT have cardboard packaging, bottle lids, straws, plastic wrappers or anything recyclable for our collages.



As Artists this half term we will be exploring abstract art by Georgia O’Keefe. We will create our own still life painting of our witch and wizard potions.



As linguists this half term, we will be learning the Spanish calendar and celebrations. We will continue to put the phrases and words that we learnt last term into practise.






Year 3 Overview 2019-2020