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Writing at Portsdown Primary School

At Portsdown, we believe that all children can be successful and develop into confident writers. From Reception to Year 6, we ensure that the children practise the key skills of phonics, spelling and grammar through purposeful and engaging writing opportunities.


Our overview for English shows how these opportunities progress across the whole school, although some of these may change as the children's interests are always taken into account.


By clicking on the link below, you can see how we teach handwriting at Portsdown and the Parent Handbook has some ideas on how you can help your child.


The National Curriculum details the skills that should be taught in each year group so that you can see what your child should be working on. 


One of the best ways to support your child with their writing, is by supporting them with their reading. Reading to them, or supporting them read a range of books, will widen their vocabulary and help them understand written language.


Portsdown English Overview