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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Headteacher: Mr A Vaghela - Spanish and Languages

Deputy Head: Ms K Lawrence - English

Assistant Head and Foundation Stage Leader: Miss R Gautrey - Early Years

Inclusion Manager and SENCO: Mrs S Thomas



Year R:

Mrs R Corps - More able pupils and Geography

Miss V Riches (Part time) - Key Stage 1 Science

Mrs Z Bill (Part time) - Computing


Year 1:

Mrs L Barratt - History

Mrs S Bartlett - Key Stage 1 Leader


Year 2:

Miss E Wise - PSHE

Miss L Say - Computing


Year 3:

Miss E Croly - Design and Technology

Miss M Hall - Music

Miss C Thomas


Year 4: 

Mrs J Pridgeon - Maths

Miss S Gibson - Key Stage 2 Science


Year 5:

Miss L Humphreys

Mrs C Knight


Year 6:

Miss O Dewing - Art 

Mrs V King - RE & Cultural Champion

Miss V Wells - PE


Portsdown Inclusion Centre:

Mrs E Clarke



Mrs V Duffell - currently on Maternity Leave 


Classroom Teaching Assistants:

Year R 

Miss N Brown Mrs D Sellers Mrs S Hounsell Mrs S Woodason Miss S Brooks

Year 1

Mrs Y Osgood Miss K Markovska Mrs S Brown Mrs L Purtill

Year 2

Mrs H Ball Mrs H Simpson Miss J Wolley Mrs A Hunt

Year 3

Mrs C Metherall Mrs L Fegan Miss H Leggett Mrs C Leslie

Year 4

Mrs L Sparks Mrs G Yaxley Miss Y Rose Forde

Year 5

Mrs L Childs Mrs D Hickley Mr S Smith Mrs N Dine

Year 6

Miss M O'Brien Miss K Kerr Miss L Bickel Mrs J Robinson


Teaching Assistants for Portsdown Inclusion Centre:

Mrs C Warren 

Mrs Singh-Landa


Librarian - Mrs L O'Harrow


ICT Technician - Mr C Smart


Office Staff:

Mrs J Newbury - Finance Manager

Mrs E Durow - Support Manager

Mrs T Mead - Admin Assistant

Miss D Reilly - Admin Assistant 



Inclusion Team:

Mrs D Hardy - Home Family Link Worker

Mrs A Jordan - Learning Mentor

Mrs T Blades - Learning Mentor

Mrs S Carpenter - Attendance Officer

Mr I Hurry - Pastoral Support Worker 


Site Team:

Mr K Gard - Facilities/Site Manager

Mr E Owen-Jones - Assistant Caretaker

Mr B Lander - Assistant Caretaker

Mrs C Neil - Cleaner

Miss H Farndell - Cleaner

Miss M Simmons - Cleaner

Mrs M Tate - Cleaner


Midday Supervisors:

Main School-

Senior Supervisor - Mrs G Yaxley


Mrs C Neil, Mrs J Robinson,

Ms M O'Brien, Mrs B Somerset, Mrs Y Osgood,

Miss M Tate, Miss C Metherell , Ms L Fegan,

Miss M Kerr, Mrs D Hickley, Mrs C Sturgeon, Mrs L Purtill,

Mrs J Gesicka Mrs M Sniedzina Mrs M North



Miss H Farndell & Miss Alana Fewings


ISS Kitchen Staff:


Miss D Newman, Miss J Parfitt, Miss S Standley, Mrs G Rogers