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Wednesday 25th November



Today we are going to be looking at recognising coins and making amounts. If you have any coins to use at home that would be great for this lesson. If not, you can draw out the coins to help you. You can write your answers on paper or on the slides.


please leave a comment or take a photo of your learning.


Fred won the contest for the "Best Bear in the Wood Contest". He was very proud of his medals.


We would like you to think of somebody that you think deserves a medal. It could be someone in your house, in your family, a friend or even a character from a book!


What do they deserve a medal for? Is it for being really great at something? Is it for being kind or helpful? 


On paper, draw your design for a medal. Think carefully about the shape, the picture on it, some words to go on it and the colours. 


Write a sentence starting... "I award this medal for _________ to ___________ because __________."
For example, "I award this medal for the best bear in the wood contest to Fred because he had the loudest roar." 




Click on the link to explore keeping the beat of the song and the different layers of music. 



Today is P.E day so we have given you some links that take you to some sort of active activity. You can chose which activity you would like to do.
1 - Sonic the Hedgehog Cosmic Yoga.
2 - Frozen Cosmic Yoga
Which video will you choose?