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Web links for EY and KS1

Phonics and Early Reading

The following links will take you to websites to support with phonics and early reading.

Phonics games. Free to access using march20 as the username and home as the password.

More phonics games. Can be played on phones, tablets or laptops/computers.

More games and access to resources.

Learning games and clips from the Alphablocks.

Great games to encourage reading. Free to use on a laptop/computer although you can buy the app for tablets.

Free ebooks for reading and fun learning ideas.

Stories read aloud by actors.

Maths links 

This is a free website to practise different maths skills. Level 1 = Year 1, Level 2 = Year 2. etc. Choose a topic and then write your answers on paper to the questions shown and then you are given the answers at the end to check. Made a mistake? See if you can spot why - that's great for learning too!

Ideas for games at home for KS1. There will be links for lessons for Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 as well. 

Numberblocks episodes and activities

Maths and English games

Maths and English games