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Tuesday 24th November



Welcome to Tuesday's maths lesson. Today we will be looking at mixed addition and subtraction and applying that to a money problem.


1 - Remind yourself of the story "Grrrrr!" You could re-watch the YouTube video from yesterday's lesson.


2 - Today we are going to look at two of the main characters, Fred and Boris. What do we know about them? How would you describe each of them?


3 - Open the document below. On page 1, click in the text box and write words and phrases to describe Fred. What else do you know about him? Repeat this on page 2 for Boris.


CHALLENGE - On page 3, write words and phrases to say what is the same about the characters and what is different.


Today you have a choice of Art activities.


1 - Draw with Rob. Rob is the author and illustrator of "Grrrrr!" Watch the YouTube video and draw along as Rob shows you how to draw Fred.




2- Get your pens, pencils, paint, chalk...any creative art materials you have, and make a picture of something that makes you happy!


Don't forget to email us a picture of your art work!