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Spring 2



This half term we have been looking at traditional tales. We explored the story of The Three Little Wolves and The Big Bad Pig and compared it to other traditional tales we knew. We also did lots of drama to become the pig and the wolves and understand their feelings. This led to us writing our own versions of the story (which were fantastic!). 


Following from this, we then looked at The True Tale of The Three Little Pigs. This story had the wolves explanation of what happened and we found out he wasn't really big and bad! So we decided to think about the big, bad, pig and what his side of the story would be. He wasn't really big and bad but very clumsy! The children wrote letters to the three little wolves explaining what happened and how he accidently broke their houses!


At the beginning of half term, we also had book week! We had a lot of fun learning and performing poetry. 2LS fell in love with Michael Rosen and his performance poetry! 2EW won the door decorating competition with their fantastic dragon and fairy tale characters. It was a lovely week and the children looked great dressed in their favourite book characters.




We started this half term looking at the properties of different shapes. We began exploring 2D shapes and what we already knew which led to reasoning and problem solving with them. We then looked at 3D shapes, learned new language such as vertices, edges and faces, and explored the link between them. 


After shape, we looked at length and reading scales. The children had lots of fun measuring objects around the classroom and the distant a car traveled down a ramp. Finally we looked at reading scales of different objects. The three little pigs had a problem with their materials to build their houses and needed help to read how tall they were! The children did an amazing job on this and enjoyed being able to help them!



This half term we have been focusing on 'going green', this involved growing and planting different seeds. We began the topic by exploring different seed with magnifying glasses and guessing what they might turn into when they are fully grown. After this, we planted some beans in sandwhich bags to see if they would grow in the classroom without soil. As you cans see, the beans have done amazingly well! 


After growing beans, we had a go at growing cress. The children loved following the instructions to plant their own cress seeds and were very excited to take them home (even though many said they didn't like the taste of them!) 


In topic we explored the difference between physical and human features. We learnt that physical features were natural elements of the land such as mountains and valleys and human features were man-made such as ports and offices. 


We then explored the different features Portsmouth has to offer and thought of lots of different ones:

  • beach
  • soil
  • harbour
  • school


After thinking about this, we received a letter from the three little wolves telling us they would like to come and visit Portsmouth for a holiday but were unsure of what's on offer. We wrote them a letter back telling them about 3 of our favourite places to visit in Portsmouth.