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We are kept very busy with lots of topics to discuss!

Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community. We meet on a regular basis to talk about lots of things that will make our school a better place. On this page you will find information about what we have discussed. 

 The Council has members from Year 2 - 6, one child from each class. Every child in these year groups will have the opportunity to present to their teacher and class mates why they want to be a member of the School council. There will then be an anonymous class vote. yes

Portsdown Acrostic Poem - how we treat each other in school

The Lord Mayor of Portsmouth came to visit us!

To celebrate Clean Air Day, we have been lucky enough to have a very special visit from The Lord Mayor of Portsmouth, The Deputy Lord Mayor and Councillor Ashmore on Thursday 20th June. Our special guests visited in the morning and did an assembly for all KS1 and KS2 children. The Lord Mayor and his team then went to visit the nursery children and staff. The children were able to ask the Lord Mayor of Portsmouth lots on interesting questions about his very important role. The children and staff enjoyed listening to The Lord Mayor’s stories about meeting the Queen during the recent D-Day celebrations. The children were inspired to hear that when The Lord Mayor was a young boy at school, he too had a special visit from The Lord Mayor at the time. He remembers really wanting to become The Lord Mayor when he was older… how fantastic is that!

We also had another special guest visit us… STOMPER! This is a very important monster who helps us to remember the importance of working together to make our air clean for everyone in Portsmouth to enjoy. 
The School Council did an amazing job in welcoming the Lord Mayor and his team into school and confidently talked about their roles as JRSO’S. Well done, what a super team you are! We have made a promise to hold a walk to school week next year, to try and encourage more children and parents to walk into school, to help reduce the pollution in Portsmouth. Further details about this will be out at the start of the new academic year.

A school councillor commented that it had been the best day of their lives so far and another child in KS1 said that they felt very special for someone so important to be visiting our school.

School Council's talking points for The Lord Mayor of Portsmouth