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Reading at Portsdown

Reading is one of the most important skills your child will learn at primary school. With your support, we want every child to grow up to be a confident reader so that they can be successful at Portsdown Primary and beyond.


There is lots of good information to help you support your child on the 'BookTrust' website. Here you will find good advice about sharing books together, reading aloud to your child or supporting your child if they are reluctant to read.


Some Top Tips for Reading at Home:

  • Little and often is best
  • Make books part of your bedtime routine
  • Find things to read that they enjoy
  • Visit your local library
  • Read to your child as well as listening to them read
  • Talk about the book together
  • Use phonics (letter sounds), picture clues and thinking about what the book is about to help work out unfamiliar words


If your child is struggling with reading or you're not sure how to support them, please pop in and see us. Helping your child to be a good reader is one thing that you can do that will really make a difference to how successful they are at school. 



Reading in Year R and KS1