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Social distancing reminder

To keep you, your child and our staff safe please remember the following rules:

1. Once you have dropped your child off at school or picked them up, leave the site and move away from school as soon as possible. Do not wait around for other parents and children.

2. Keep a safe distance away from other parents.

3. While you are waiting, keep your child with you.

4. Once the doors are open for your year group in the morning, the children can walk in by themselves if they feel confident enough to. You do not need to send them in one at a time.

5. Year 4 parents - please move back at the end of the day to allow year 3 parents to collect their children.

6. Please arrive at the appropriate time. If you know another year group is before you, allow them to drop off and pick up safely.

7. From Monday the 'Rule of 6' doesn't apply when in school but will apply as soon as you leave the school grounds.

Help us keep you, your child, our staff and our community safe.