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Headteacher: Mr A Vaghela




Dear Parents and Carers,


As previously communicated, at Portsdown we teach PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) through a scheme called Jigsaw. Each unit of Jigsaw is designed to support the children’s emotional health, wellbeing, self-esteem and knowledge of who they are and how they grow. The learning during this Summer term is all about ‘Changing Me’. The children will be taking part in 2 or 3 lessons covering the following:


Reception Growing up and how we have changed since we were babies.

Year 1 Boys’ and girls’ bodies including naming of body parts.

Year 2 Boys’ and girls’ body parts and understanding which parts of the body are private.

Year 3 How babies grow and introduction to puberty.

Year 4 Internal and external reproduction body parts. Recap about puberty and menstruation. Conception explained in simple terms.

Year 5 Puberty for boys and girls in more detail including the social and emotional aspects of becoming an adolescent. Conception explained in simple biological terms.

Year 6 Puberty for boys and girls in more detail including social and emotional aspects of becoming an adolescent. Conception explained in biological terms.


An overview of the learning for each year group can be found here and on our website.



The words we will use:

Right from the start we will use the correct Scientific names for all body parts. This will be taught sensitively and carefully by our teachers and all within an age appropriate context. They will be using these words in 2 or 3 lessons within the whole unit of work. For us, it is important that children are taught the correct terms from an early age to help them better understand their bodies, to safeguard themselves and build self-esteem about themselves. I’m sure you have noticed yourself that some very young children are being exposed to more harmful and adult content on TV and online. Our learning on relationships and changing bodies will support the positive messages you give to your child about the safe use of technology in the wider world and how to take care of themselves and their bodies. The Jigsaw scheme allows us to do this in a safe and secure way. Working with you:

Your right to withdraw your child:

I also need to tell you that you have legal right to withdraw your children from some aspects of this work. At the end of the RSE policy there is a form you can complete to hand back to school. Alternatively, you can write the same information in a letter. If you decide to withdraw your child, someone form school will be in touch with you to try and understand your decision. You can find the policy here and on our website.

If you would like any further information or discuss any questions, please contact your child’s class teacher.

Kind regards Carey Knight, PSHE and RSE subject lead