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Message for Year 5 and 6 Parents

Message for Year 5 and 6 Parents


Dear Parents,

As you may know, we have had a few visits to the school form an ex-pupil of an anti-social nature. Each time this happens, I call the Police and make a report. I know that this has made a few of our year 6 children feel vulnerable so we have put in additional measures such as more staff on duty and a change how the children leave at the end of the day.

I need your help.

  • If you experience any anti-social, threatening or abusive behaviour please report it to the police. Unfortunately, just me reporting it each time isn’t enough to stop the situation
  • Please talk to your child about staying off social media sites with the children causing the disturbance
  • Check your child’s phone for inappropriate messaging and report it if needed
  • Encourage your child to go straight home at the end of the day rather than seeking out these individuals

I can assure you that I am repeatedly on the phone or email to the authorities after each incident asking for help. The teachers are also giving the proactive messages in school. Only by working together as a community and reporting everything that needs reporting will this situation improve.

I shall continue to on the drive and gates supporting you and your children.

Many thanks,

Mr Vaghela