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Information for PIC parents

Dear PIC Parents,

As you all know Mrs Clarke is leaving us on Friday 4th December to start her maternity leave. She will in school on that Friday. We all wish her all the best for the arrival of her baby. Mrs Clarke’s work with the children in the PIC has been excellent and we will all miss her.


I would like to introduce Mrs Ayres to you as the new PIC teacher officially form Monday 7th December. I am really pleased that we managed to attract such an experienced teacher of SEN and that she could start with us before Christmas. She has written an introductory letter for you. As soon as she has stared we will distribute her contact details.


I know you will join me in a warm welcome to Mrs Ayres.


Yours sincerely,

Mr Vaghela, Headteacher



Dear Parents,


My name is Mrs Ayers and I am the teacher who will be covering Mrs Clarke’s maternity leave.    


Due to the current restrictions I am not sure when I will get the opportunity to meet you in person so I have included a photograph so you can at least put a face to the name.

I am an experienced teacher and trained to work with children with special educational needs and disabilities in my initial degree. I have worked in specialist provisions and as a teacher adviser for special needs my whole career. Working with pupils with special educational needs is my passion.


I have worked in Wales for most of my career and was teacher in charge of a specialist provision for pupils with speech, language and communication difficulties for twenty years, until July 2018 before moving to Southampton to be closer to my family. We had two classes which catered for children from 3-11 years. I taught mainly within the junior class but all the staff knew all the children very well. Our purpose was to help pupils manage, improve and ultimately overcome their speech and language difficulties if at all possible and return to mainstream education.


I am very much looking forward to working within the PIC in Portsdown School. I hope we can build positive relationships very quickly. I am always willing to listen so please share with me what you think is important for me to know about your child. As parents you know your children better than anyone. I hope we can work together and share strategies to help your child to be the best that he or she can possibly be.


Please make contact if you are not sure about anything or have any queries or worries or if there is something you would specifically like to know. I don’t expect to know everything but I will always do my best to find out as quickly as I can, so please bear with me. I am a firm believer in sharing worries and solving problems as early as possible while they are still small so they never become mountains that are much harder to overcome.


This will potentially be an anxious time for you as parents and for your children, especially if you find change difficult. Please can I ask you to be positive about the change for your children so they are excited as they can be rather than worried. I have been in contact with Mrs Clarke and we will be sharing information so she can pass on everything she thinks I need to know so that the transition can be as smooth as possible for the children.


Thank you for taking the time to read this letter,


Best wishes,

Mrs Ayers