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Food Bank idea

OPTIONAL…Every year the staff here at Portsdown are very grateful of cards and small gifts given to them by the children. Many families in our area are going through a difficult time and we would like to support them through the festive period.


Instead of cards and gifts for staff, only if you want to, we would like you to bring something we can take to the foodbank located on Woofferton Road in Paulsgrove. This can be as simple as a can of beans or a bag of rice. Anything non-perishable really. This food will go directly to the people in our community that need it over the Christmas and New Year period. More information about the foodbank can be found here: This is completely your choice. I know some children love the feeling of giving a card to their friends or adults in school.


Thank you to all of you who have brought in food already. You are all wonderful people!