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FAQ 20th March 2020

Answers to some of the common questions you have been asking us today:


What is the overall key message?

Government and Portsmouth City Council key message is that if it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be. They should only be sent to school if you are in the permitted group and you can’t look after them at home.


Who can come into school?


  • Children of key workers (only one parent needs to be a key worker to qualify) – Parents should have the same postal address of the child and should match the address we have on our system
  • Children with an EHCP
  • Children with an assigned social worker


Am I a key worker?

Please see the guidance at


What evidence do I need if I’m a key worker?

Evidence which proves that you are currently employed in a role which comes under Government guidance on what a key worker is. This could be a current pay slip or a letter from your employer indicating the nature of your employment and you usual working days and hours.


We may also need evidence showing your name and home address. This should match to the address we have on our system. If you are not a key worker but you have a partner who lives at another address who is, you will not qualify for access to school.


Can I use an ID badge as evidence?

I’m afraid that we cannot accept a badge as evidence as it does not prove current employment.


Can I get a free school meal?

Every parent or carer of a child who is entitled to a free school meal has been contacted. ‘Grab and Go’ bags will only be available to those children who qualify for free school meals. This means that if you are in Years R to 2 and do not qualify, you will not be entitled to a ‘grab and go bag’.


If I am entitled to a free school meal, when can I get it?

If your child is not in school and qualifies for a free school meal, ‘Grab and Go’ bags can be collected from in front of the main reception between 12pm and 12:30pm.  Many of you have let us know if you require meals for the next two weeks. Please can you let us know by emailing

Please let us know how many days and which days you will need a ‘grab and go’ bag.


If my child does come to school, what hours are we open?

Staff will work a normal school day (8:45am to 3pm).


What about breakfast club and after school nursery provision?

Breakfast club will still be going as normal (from 8am) but we will not know what food we will have. This is only open to children from Year R to Year 6 who are eligible to come in.

The before and after school provision will only be available to children who normally come use it providing they also qualify to be in school.

We will review this provision at the end of next week.




What will my child be doing in school?

The expectations of schools at this time is that we will not be delivering the curriculum or actions against EHCP targets. It will be a safe place for our families who need us the most. When children come, not all parts of the school will be open resulting in children using different areas of the school building and grounds.


What staff will be in?

Simple answer is that we don’t know. Some staff are away on 12-week social distancing, some in isolation and some unwell. We won’t know until the day which staff we will have in.


How long are we closed for and how do we find out when we are reopening?

We will be closed to a vast majority of for an unspecified amount of time. We will keep you updated via our website, our Facebook pages and some text messaging. We do not know when we will be fully open again.


Are we open over the Easter holiday?

I am working with my staff to see if we can open. If we open, it will only be for children where both parents are key workers (or in a single parent family, the parent is a key worker).


Anything else?

I am still waiting on some clarification regarding whether military personnel who are not involved in the task of halting Covid-19 are classified as key workers.


Where can I get more information?

Look at the following websites: