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Friday 20th November


Please choose the phonics document as specified by your child's teacher via Marvellous Me. 

Each session starts with a recap of the sounds we already know. Slide 1 can be read several times with the children trying to say the sounds clearly and quickly.

Slides 2 and 3 are often practice sounds that the children already know. These pages are for the children to work on their speed of reading. They should say the sounds individually before blending together to read the word.

Slide 4 is the new sound. Again the children should sound out the word and then blend to read the word. 


Each slide can be read 2 or 3 times as the key to learning to read is over practice. At school the children would spend around 20 minutes practicing these 4 slides saying the words many times to increase speed.


Please see the link below for today's maths lesson. We are going to be recapping number bonds to 10 and we are going to be looking at addition number sentences. 


1 - Talk with your adult. Did the story finish the way you were expecting? Did you like the ending? Why/why not? Look at the words you wrote down on Tuesday to describe the Queen. Would you like to change any of them or add any words to your picture? 


2 - Today you are going to write sentences to retell the story using the document below. We would like you to write sentences for 3 of the pictures but if you felt like a challenge, you could do all 5! 


3 - If you would prefer to write your sentences on paper that is fine! You could even draw the pictures too. 



What is a museum? Have you ever been to a museum? click on the link below for presentation for this lesson.

Sadly, we cannot make a toy museum in our classroom. But for today your task it to make your own toy museum. Here are some options:

1. Be a tour guide around your own toy museum and post a video.
2. Take a photo of your toy museum and write a sentence about it. 
3. Draw your own toy museum and write a label to go with it.