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Our Curriculum Statement


At Portsdown Primary School we offer an inclusive and engaging curriculum which is broad and balanced building on children’s starting points with their knowledge, understanding and skills.   Where possible, cross curricular links are made to apply their learning. We strive for children to leave our school being literate and numerate in order to fully access the curriculum and learning at secondary level and beyond.

Our vision for the curriculum is to create a love of learning through a child led curriculum underpinned by our core values of GROW (Learn, Have Courage, Create), CARE (Friendship, Honesty, Respect) and SUCCEED (Join in, Try hard, Challenge). 

We believe in delivering the national curriculum through learning that is engaging for all our pupils providing good levels of progress and attainment. The Portsdown curriculum is challenging at all levels and this is achieved through careful planning that listens to our children’s interests. The curriculum at Portsdown has rich experiences including trips, visitors and clear purpose to develop children’s life skills for themselves and their place in society.

What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.