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Black History Month

During October we celebrated Black History Month in school through a range of books and activites.


Each year group focussed on a notable person or event so that we could better understand the stories of those who have come before us. Mr Smith, our reading champion also created a display in the library focusing on a diverse variety of authors and characters. These included non-fiction information books to fiction books written by black authors.


You can find out more about the children's learning in these clips and quizzes at the CBBC website.

3CK's art inspired by the stores of The Windrush Generation

Our learning this Black History Month:


Year R celebrated diversity in their learning this month by learning about Kente patterns in art listening to Motown music.


Year 1 learned about British Olympians and sports stars such as Nicola Adams, Mo Farah and Marcus Rashford, understanding how these people are role models for people beyond their own communities.


Year 2 learnt about the work of Mary Seacole and her work in The Crimea.


Year 3 learnt about Windrush journeys and how black communities integrated within Britian.


Year 4 learnt about Ruby Bridges and The Little Rock 9 who were children who simply wanted to go school, yet segregation laws and outdated views prevented this.


Year 5 studied the story of Rosa Parks and also The Bristol Bus Boycott to understand how similar struggles occured on both sides of The Atlantic Ocean.


Year 6 learnt about the life of Harriet Tubman and were also introduced to the celebration of diversity which is The Notting Hill Carnival.