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Autumn 2





  We have been focusing on The Bear and the Piano. We began by visiting the guildhall and going on a bear hunt! We thought about how the bear feels about performing on stage and being away from his family. This lead us to writing letters as the bear to our family back in the forest. We sent these to the forest and it was very exciting to get a reply from the bear family! We re-told the story from the Bear’s perspective.


We have also has a focus on using the past tense correctly and consistently. We have really enjoyed our learning on The Great Fire of London. This has led us to write a diary entry from Samuel Pepys. The children were able to write the diary entry from the perspective of Samuel, watching the fire from across the River Thames.






In maths this half term we have been building on our knowledge of addition and subtraction. We have learn how to partition the tens and ones to add them. We have also learnt how to re-group, when we cross the tens boundary. We have also thought about adding 10 to any number and what we notice when this happens.



Towards the end of term we have had a large focus on money. This involved recognising coins and notes, making amounts using different combinations of coins and adding amounts (including pounds and pence).




At the beginning of term, some of the Cosham Fire Department came to visit us for our

Great Fire of London topic.

They were really impressed with what we have learnt already:

“It happened in 1666 in a bakery.” (Leland)

“All the houses were made of wood which meant they burned down.” (Rowan)

“The people in London had nothing left, they were homeless and alone.” (Kayla)


The firefighters talked through the differences in how fires were dealt with in 1666 to today.  We were even allowed to sit inside their fire engine.


Freya – Responding to a really interesting question that allowed us to discuss the importance of only making real calls to the fire fighters. “It is really rude and dangerous to make prank calls!”


We also talked about fire safety and what we can do to help at home and in school.






In art we have been looking at the technique of Jackson Pollock. We have created a scene from The Great Fire of London, as we are learning about this in History. We have tried to re-create the style of Jackson by flicking paint with different size brushes.





In science we are learning about materials. We were talking about what we had learned last lesson when Miss Say was very clumsy and knocked over a cup of water!  Luckily we had lots of materials in the classroom that we could clean it up with. But which one was the best?




Can your child remember which material was best? Silly Miss Say!