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Year 3

Spring Term 



And welcome to 3EC's and 3MH's year page. 


This term we have some great things to look forward to... 




During Spring 1  we will be learning about how we can extend our writing using different features including dialogue, expanded noun phrases and non-fiction writing.  We will be reading the Iron Man to create a recount, a narrative and a poem. 

During Spring 2 we will be learning about prepositions, paragraphs around a theme and using apostrophes. We will be reading Anne Fine's- Bill's New Frock and celebrating book week looking at different versions of the popular fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood in preparation to write our own alternative Red Riding Hood narrative. 




As mathematicians during Spring 1, we will be learning about statistics, specifically bar charts and pictograms, rounding to the nearest 10 and 100, weight and measure and angles . We will be continuing to learn our 3s, 4s and 8s times tables, alongside mental maths practice.

During Spring 2 we will continue looking at angles, shape, specifically perimeter and estimation, fractions and recapping multiplication and division. 

We will be continuing to learn our 3s, 4s and 8s times tables, alongside mental maths practice.




As Historians in Spring 2 we will be learning about the fascinating Ancient Egyptians, journeying across the River Nile, experiencing mummification and exploring the hierarchy of Pharoahs.  




As Scientists throughout the Spring term, we will be learning about magnets and forces. Specifically looking at different surfaces and how magnets attract and repel.  



Religious Education

In RE we will continue to learn about Christianity, specifically Easter and the Hindu festival of Holi.


Art and DT 

During Spring 1 as Designers and Artists we will be designing a healthy dish for iron man and exploring different health foods that are iron rich. We will also be exploring where these foods come from. 

During Spring 2 we will be designing, planning, constructing and evaluating our very own Egyptian clay canopic jars using clay tools to mould and acrylic paint. 


Other Activities and Diary Dates  

28th March Parent Workshop 

Each Wednesday Swimming

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