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School Council

Our School Council represents the views of all our pupils. It gives children the opportunity to make their voices heard and feel part of the whole school community. The school council meet every week to discuss their views on the school, on this page you will find information about what we have discussed each week. 

Our School Council Blog 7.11.16

This is our school council blog we are going to use this page to record what we have been doing around the school. So far this year, we have been discussing what we can do to make the school even better. To work towards this we have decided the school needs a new adventure playground. We need to reduce waste around the school and start our school gardening competition. We put on a whole school assembly to tell all of the children and teachers what we have been discussing. Iris has been talking to Year 4 and they have suggested putting a bin in the cage. Tayla has been talking to year 6 about mirrors in the girls toilets. 


Next steps 

School council are going to speak to children in their classes about: 

  • Break and lunch times
  • Reducing waste in the school


School council meeting 14.11.16 

In our meeting we all read the lists that we had put together with our classes. We decided that the first things we will purchase for break times are stereos and bubble machines. We have also talked about playground buddies and getting a friendship bench where children can meet if they have no one to play with. 


Next steps

  • Paint benches
  • Order items 
  • Tell children in class


School council meeting 9.1.17

In our school council meeting we have discussed golden time and how we can make it more fun. The school council are going to be asking their class about this during the week. It is rights respecting week next week and the school council are going to be visiting classes across the school to discuss what they have been doing and to take some pictures. School council are going to remind their teachers about starting their vegetable patches!


Next steps

  • Talk to classes
  • Interview the other classes 
  • Remind teachers about vegetable patches


School council meeting 30.1.17

During this week we have discussed the school vegetable patches and we are going to grow pumpkins! We have talked to Miss Burst about ordering the seeds for each of the classes. We have also been talking about golden time games again and how we can make it more organised. The children have decided that it would be good if the teachers and children decided on the activities for the golden time at the start of the week. Children then choose what they want to do for the end of the week. 


Next steps

  • Talk to teachers about golden time activities 
  • Start thinking about vegetable patches 

School council meeting 25.4.17

The benches have been painted yellow! Three benches around the school have been painted as our new Friendship Stops. They will be used when children are looking for someone to play with, all other children will be able to then ask them to join in with their games. The school council are planning a school assembly to show the children how they should and shouldn't use them. 


There are vegetables growing in the garden! Some of the classes have started to plant seeds in their boxes and they have started to grow. Some classes have not yet started and the children will be talking about this with their classmates this week. 


The year ones and twos have enjoyed having music and bubbles during their lunch times. The school council are now looking to share these items with the rest of the school. 

School Council Meeting 18.10.17

We have a new school council! The classes have voted and we now have lots of new school council members. They are excited to get started and have already talked about some of their great ideas for the school. Our main topics for this half term are going to be about the school values, learning, play times and clubs. We are going to be talking to our classes about these things and take ideas back to the school council. 


This week we would like classes talk about these questions and then give ideas to school council for the next meeting: 


How well do you know the school values?


How can the school make sure we are using them?


How can we make play times more interesting?



School Council Meeting 14.11.17

We have met once again this week to talk about feedback from our classes. We have found that children around the school are starting to know the values well. The school council are also hoping to meet with some of the children and teachers to test their knowledge of these. School council have found that the children at Portsdown really enjoy activities during play times. This week they are going to be talking about which activities work best and why. 


School Council Meeting 9.1.18

The School Council have been very busy since writing the last article in the blog. We interviewed and met with the Chair of Governors who told us all about how the school is run and how decisions are made. We really enjoyed it and he even said that he would like to meet with us more often! We have also decided which equipment we would like for the school playgrounds. We are going to use our school council budget to pay for these but we are planning to do a fundraiser to raise money for storage!