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All That We Have Learnt in Autumn 1

We have had an AMAZING first half term in 3EC and 3MH and the we have loved it!


We were Egyptian Historians travelling 3000 years back in time to explore the Pyramids of Giza and the Valley of the Kings, performing a mummification- we even removed a brain! During Design Technology we then planned, made and evaluated our own canopic jars- these were fantastic and lots of fun!


Eliza- "We have enjoyed learning which organs go in each canopic jar!"

Tegan- "We enjoyed finding out Egyptian numbers and hieroglyphics."

Bobby- "This was so much fun!"



We have enjoyed learning about the different varieties of circuses, creating our very own and writing instruction for our family members to create their own mini circus tent.


An example of our canopic jars :)

An example of our canopic jars :)  1